Why Is My Device Unresponsive When I Try to Control It Through the App?

Sometimes the app may have a long delay before it actually communicates with your devices, or it may be completely unresponsive. This is usually caused by the hub having a poor signal to the internet or your device having a poor connection to the hub.


Obtaining a Responsive Status:

To ensure your hub's connection is strong, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your hub is plugged into a power outlet and connected to your router via ethernet or to a Wi-Fi network
  • Check your home internet connection to ensure it is live and working
  • Make sure your mobile phone or computer's internet connection is live and working
  • If your device requires batteries, make sure the batteries still have good power


To ensure that your device has a good connection to your hub, please check that the two devices are less than 30 feet apart (if possible). The layout of your home and the types of electronic devices you use within it can affect the range so range can vary home to home. However, a longer distance may prevent the device and the app from communicating with each other effectively.


For additional help, trying using our In-App Troubleshooting Tool by following the steps outlined in our article, How Do I Use the In-App Troubleshooting Tool?


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