How Do I Arm and Disarm Self-Monitored Security?

Before you can use the Self-Monitored Security feature, you will first need to enable it. To enable it, check out our How Do I Enable the Self-Monitored Home Security Feature? article. To start monitoring your sensors, you will need to Arm your system. To stop receiving alerts from your sensors, you will need to Disarm the security feature. 

 Arming or Disarming Self-Monitored Security:

To Arm or Disarm the system, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the SmartRent Mobile App
  2. On the Dashboard or Smart Home screen, navigate to Home Security and tap either Tap to Arm or Tap to Disarm

The system will NOT Arm if any one of your contact sensors senses that a door is open. It is best to shut all your monitored doors and Arm the system from outside your home.


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