What Is a Hub?

Now that your home is equipped with SmartRent, you’ll notice some new equipment. One main component of the system is the hub. The hub is the brain of your SmartRent ecosystem. It is the small box in your home that communicates wirelessly with your new smart devices, such as your lock and thermostat, allowing you to control them remotely from anywhere.     

The hub also communicates with your community's maintenance team when the batteries are low in any of the installed devices, as well as alerts them if a water leak is detected.

If your hub is unplugged or is not connected to the internet, you will not be able to control or automate your devices through the SmartRent Mobile App. Additionally, your community’s maintenance team will not be alerted when a leak is detected or when one of your device's batteries is low. 

If you do not have a hub, contact your community manager. 


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