How Do I View My Ring Devices in the SmartRent Resident Web Portal?

Once linked, you can view live feeds of your Ring devices anytime from within the SmartRent Resident Web Portal. The SmartRent Web Portal will even keep your previously recorded events listed so you can watch events such as previously recorded live views and captures triggered by motion.  


Viewing Ring Devices:

To view your Ring devices’ live feed or past events in the SmartRent Web Portal, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the SmartRent Resident Web Portal
  2. Input your Email Address
  3. Input your Password
  4. Click the Ring tab 
  5. To view the camera’s feed in real time, click Live View in the tile of the camera you wish to view
  6. To view past events, click Activity in the tile of the camera you wish to view
  7. Click the Play symbol next to the desired event



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