How Do I Control My Smart Bulbs and Dimmer Switches in the Resident Web Portal?

The Resident Web Portal gives you the ability to remotely and conveniently control your smart devices. Controlling your smart bulbs and dimmer switches via the web portal is very easy.


Adjusting Your Smart Bulbs or Dimmer Switches:

To adjust your smart bulbs and dimmer switches in your Resident Web Portal, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the SmartRent Resident Web Portal
  2. Input your Email Address
  3. Input your Password
  4. Click the Devices tab 
  5. Find your Smart Bulb or Dimmer Switch using the < and > arrows to scroll through your devices
  6. Use the ON and OFF buttons to control your smart bulb or dimmer switch 
  7. To adjust the brightness, click and drag the circle along the dimmer bar from 1% to 100%


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