How Do I Ignore Alerts from Self-Monitored Security?

When you receive a security alert, it is always recommended to check the issue when possible. In those instances where the alert may be a false alarm, however, you can always ignore it.  


Ignoring Security Alerts:

To ignore security alerts, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the Push Notification Alert or login to the SmartRent Mobile App
  2. You’ll be presented with the Security Alert Screen showing you the time and device of the incident
  3. Tap Ignore Alert to ignore for now and keep your system Armed
  4. Alternatively, you can tap the Shield Icon to Disarm the system completely

If you ignore the alert, you will not be notified again until the sensor returns to its normal state. For example, you won’t be notified of a door opening until the door is closed and then opened again.


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