How Do I Enable the Self-Monitoring Home Security Feature?

The Self-Monitoring Home Security feature allows you to receive push notification alerts whenever activity is detected on any motion or contact sensor. This feature is completely self-monitoring and will NOT notify any third parties, such as emergency services. 

Before you can enable Self-Monitoring Security for your home, the feature must first be enabled for the community by the community's organization. Contact your community directly to request this feature.

Enabling Self-Monitoring Security:

Once it’s enabled by the community, follow these steps in the SmartRent Resident Mobile App to set up Self-Monitoring Security:

  1. Login to the SmartRent Mobile App
  2. On the Dashboard screen, tap Setup Home Security
  3. Toggle Enable System on
  4. The list of devices that will be monitored will be shown
  5. Tap X in the upper left-hand corner to save changes

All of your motion and contact sensors will be monitored. You cannot choose specific sensors to monitor at this time.


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