What is the Difference Between Automations, Scenes, and Schedules?

Creating Automations, Scenes, and Schedules allows you to customize your smart home experience from the SmartRent Mobile App. Each customizable feature has specific differences and understanding these differences is key to getting the most from your home. 


Features and the Differences:

  • An Automation allows you to define a "trigger event" and once that event occurs, one or more of your smart devices will perform a particular action automatically; a device's status triggers an action creating an automaton
    • Example: Unlocking your front door turns on living room lights
  • Scenes allow you to adjust the settings of multiple devices with one tap; this happens when you tap a button in the SmartRent Mobile App
    • Example: You tap the “Movie Mode” Scene and the lights dim to 10%
  • Schedules allow you to automate a device by setting it to trigger an action at set time on a specified day or days of the week 
    • Example: You have a Schedule that turns your bedroom lights on at 8am everyday


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