How Do I Add New Smart Devices To My SmartRent App?

We are so excited that you want to expand your smart home system! If you are tech-savvy like we are and would like to purchase your own smart home devices, we would be happy to help you hook them up to your SmartRent app.    

Keep in mind, any new devices you wish to have added to your SmartRent app will need to be Z-Wave compatible and approved through your community management team in order for us to assist you in the pairing process. Certain devices may not be supported by our system, or may not be allowed by your community. We cannot assist in pairing these devices.

While we do not offer a way for residents to pair devices on your own, you can call our Support Team and we will happily walk you through the pairing process. Give us a call at 833-SMR-TREN (833-767-8736) to get started!



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