What’s The Difference Between My Account Password And My Door Access Code?

Your SmartRent Account Password and Door Access Code do completely different things. Knowing the difference is important to keep your unit secure and functioning as it should. 


Account Password and Door Access Code Difference:

Account Password: Your account password is tied to your SmartRent account and grants you access to the SmartRent website and all services. You must enter it to log in, to view or reset your door access code, and to change your password.

Door Access Code: Your door access code is a numeric code stored on the lock of your unit. Your door code is unique to you and should NOT be shared with anyone. Your access code is the new version of your home key.

Occasionally, you may hear other phrases that mean the same thing as "door code" including access code, lock code, PIN code, or PIN. These phrases all refer to the code that is used to unlock a door lock and should not be confused with your account password.


SmartRent employees will never ask you for your account password or your door code. This information is private and you should never disclose it to anyone. Please do not share or forward any of this information to our support team.


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