How Do I Access and Set Up My Resident Mobile App?

Welcome to your new SmartRent-powered smart home! The SmartRent Mobile App allows you to view and manage all of your smart devices remotely, create Scenes, set Schedules, and so much more!


Accessing Your New SmartRent Account:

A few things will need to happen before you can begin using your SmartRent App. To get started follow these steps:

  1. Register Your SmartRent Account Online 
    • To create this account, check your email inbox for an email with the subject line Welcome to SmartRent! (if you cannot find this email in your inbox or spam/junk folder, please reach out to your community management team so that they may resend it to you)
  2. Download the SmartRent Mobile App
    • Tap Get Started on your Welcome email
    • Create your Password for the app
    • Check the box to acknowledge Terms and Privacy Policy
    • Tap Submit 
    • Enter your Email and recently created password to log into your account
    • You will see a Welcome screen with your name; tap Download on the App Store for iOS device or tap Download on the Google Play Store for Android device 
      • Note: If you do not have a hub in your home, you will be sent directly to the SmartRent Resident Web Portal to view the available smart device features in your community; to download the SmartRent app, you can search for it in the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store
    • Open the app once it is downloaded
  3. Receive Your Access Credential
    • You will also receive a second email that has your Access Credential for your home; if your community has any Common Area Access systems that are integrated with SmartRent, Access Credentials to those areas will also be included in this secondary email
    • Tap Get my Access
    • You will now have a web page that displays your Access Credential(s) and gives detailed instructions on how to use them
    • If you have any issues accessing the unit, please contact the leasing office
    • The Get my Access link will expire after 30 minutes; if this happens, you will be sent to a webpage where you can tap a button to receive a new access link, Send Me A New Link


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