How Do I Check the Status of My Service Request?

NOTE: The Service Request feature is not available in all communities. Speak to your community manager about enabling this feature.


Once you create a service request, you can check the status and add information to the ticket at any time using the SmartRent App. Push notifications are also available to alert you when the status changes.

Check the Status of a Request:


From the app dashboard:

  1. Tap Community
  2. Your ticket(s) will be listed under either Open Requests or Closed Requests
  3. Tap the ticket you want to check on


If the ticket is listed as Open, you can add additional comments, including asking for an update.

If the ticket is listed as Closed, you can rate your experience, add a comment, or request to reopen the ticket.


Enroll In Push Notifications:


From the app dashboard:

  1. Tap More
  2. Tap Account Settings
  3. Scroll to the Service Requests section
  4. Toggle On the Push Notifications you wish to receive
    1. Service Request Created
    2. Service Request Closed
    3. Service Request Comment Created
    4. Service Request Reopened


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