What Types of Service Requests Can I Place Through the App?

NOTE: The Service Request feature is not available to all residents. Speak to your community manager about enabling this feature.


The Service Request feature in the SmartRent App is a quick, convenient way to contact your community management team about issues in or around your home. When you submit a request using the app, we send the information directly to the appropriate on-site team - maintenance or front office. Forget the days of struggling to reach your technician or “I’ll leave a note for Jimmy.” Essentially, the app is a tool to communicate anything that would have caused you to pick up the phone. Here are a few examples:


Maintenance Requests

  • A light bulb needs replaced
  • The dishwasher won’t drain
  • The paint on the outdoor railing is chipping


Administrative Requests

  • Noise complaints: Neighbors have been extra noisy lately
  • Parking violations: Someone has been parking in your parking space
  • Amenity reservations:  You want to reserve the rec room for a party


Our dedicated Customer Support Team will always be your point of contact for troubleshooting the smart devices in your home. 


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