How Do I Submit A Service Request Using the App?

NOTE: The Service Request feature is not available in all communities. Speak to your community manager about enabling this feature.


You can conveniently submit service requests for maintenance and repairs to your home directly from the SmartRent App. You can also use this feature to inform the front office of other issues like parking violations or excessive noise.


Placing a Service Request:


From the app dashboard:

  1. Tap Community
  2. Tap the +
  3. Select Maintenance or Administrative
    1. Maintenance requests are directed to your community maintenance team to address repairs, appliance issues, etc.
    2. Administrative requests are directed to your community management team to handle noise complaints, guest issues, policies, etc.
  4. Complete the required fields
    1. Be detailed in your answers
    2. Upload a photo to help staff better understand the issue
  5. Tap the Check in the upper right corner


You’ve successfully submitted a service request!



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